Miller-Motte College in Greenville, NC Will Train You for a New Career in Less Time than You Think

If you’re looking for a trade school in North Carolina, look no further than Miller-Motte College, Greenville, NC.

At Miller-Motte College (MMC), we are fully committed to giving you the training necessary to start a fulfilling career in as little as 9-18 months. Our career training is employer-centric, meaning our programs are tailored to teach you the skills employers are looking for. With a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, you’ll receive the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed.

To learn how Miller-Motte College can help you reach your career goals, keep reading for information on our career programs and student services.

Programs Offered:

MMC offers a variety of Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs in fields like:

To get more information on specific programs offered at this location, click here to download our catalog.

The Miller-Motte College Difference

Advising and Tutoring:

At Miller-Motte College, our advisors are there to help you through every step of your career training. As an incoming student, you’ll have access to personalized Career Planning Sessions specifically designed to help you find a career that’s right for you. We have a career assessment tool, called the Personality Profile: Understanding Yourself and Others, which can help you get a better understanding of your personality traits. Using the results of this assessment, your advisor will work with you to find a career that suits your traits and your interests. This tool is also available for free to prospective students, so be sure to schedule a campus visit to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tutoring services are also available to those who need them. These services are available at no extra charge and are available to all students.

Career Services:

Using the Graduate Placement Strategy, the career services team works with each graduate to help them find a position that matches their career goals. Through career management workshops, externships, portfolio creation and more, our staff can help you find your dream job.

These services are not only for recent graduates. We’ll be there for the duration of your career, providing job leads, resume updates and much more.

Start Your Career Today.

The career you want could be yours in just a few months. Contact Miller-Motte College, Greenville, NC, at 800.705.9182 to learn how we can help you fulfill your career aspirations or click here to request more information



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Miller-Motte College-Greenville has ceased new enrollments and has determined not to seek alternative accreditation. Miller-Motte College-Greenville is continuing to operate and offer its programs and services to enable as many currently enrolled students as possible to complete their programs before June 12, 2018. Any currently enrolled students who have any concerns that they may not be able to complete their programs by that date should make appointments with the Campus Director to discuss their options.

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